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Clown Clown
Clown Clown Clown

“Cavalcade of Clowns”

Mayhem is insured as four teammates dress up in vivid clown costumes and wigs (make up optional) and cavort with colorful props.


Tight-Rope Tight-Rope Tight-Rope Tight-Rope Tight-Rope

“Living on the Edge”

Without the aid of a safety net, teammates will perform a daring High-Wire (floor-level) act.


Lion-Tamer Lion-Tamer Lion-Tamer Lion-Tamer Lion-Tamer

“Ferocious Felines”

A brave Lion Tamer and terrified assistant share the ring as two unruly lions are put through their paces.


Juggler Juggler Juggler Juggler Juggler

“What Goes Up”

Every circus needs jugglers. Teammates will dazzle the audience as they attempt to keep scarves and balls airborne. (chain saws optional)


Magician Magician Magician Magician Magician

“Illusions of Grandeur”

The audience will be mystified as teammates perform an amazing magic act including a comedy levitation.


Strong-Man Strong-Man Strong-Man Strong-Man Strong-Man

“Muscles and Martial Arts”

Teammates will demonstrate super-human acts of strength including karate chopping wood (Styrofoam) boards, bending steel and winning a tug of war with 8 spectators.


Cowboy Cowboy Cowboy Cowboy Cowboy

“Wild Wild West”

In an exciting exhibition of Cowboy stunts, teammates and their trusty steeds perform rope twirling, trick shooting and pistol spinning.


Ventriloquist Ventriloquist Ventriloquist Ventriloquist Ventriloquist

“Who’s the Boss”

Who’s the Ventriloquist and who’s the Dummy? Teammates verbally joust for the upper hand as they become a hit comedy duo.


Comedians Comedians Comedians Comedians Comedians

“Double Take”

The world’s only two-headed comedians try to hold it together while telling jokes as teammates switch off delivering one word at a time.


Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball

“Great Balls of Fire”

Teammates dribble their way into the audience’s hearts with a stunning exhibition of basketball tricks as a bumbling referee officiates.


Plate-Spinner Plate-Spinner Plate-Spinner Plate-Spinner Plate-Spinner

“Blue Plate Special”

You’ll be taken for a spin as teammates struggle to keep plates twirling atop sparkly poles.



Snorkling1 Snorkling1 Snorkling1 Snorkling1 Snorkling1

“Aquatic Adventure”

 A myriad of glowing sea creatures come to life in the black light ambiance as teammates perform in an under sea extravaganza. A vibrant array of curious animals interact with a spellbound snorkeler.


Statue Statue Statue Statue Statue

“Toga Party”

In a throwback to ancient Rome, Statues seem to come to life in tranquil and harmonic slow motion.


Ribbon1 Ribbon1 Ribbon1 Ribbon1 Ribbon1

“Tossing and Turning”

Multi-colored ribbons are masterfully commanded to flutter and glide as teammates display them in a synchronized ballet.


Drummer Drummer Drummer Drummer Drummer

“Drummer Queens”

One of the most essential parts of any circus is the passionate percussionists. These teammates provide all the dramatic Drum-rolls Sound Effects and well timed Rim-shots.




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